(EN) Mold and mold versioning-Advanced Package

(EN) Mold and mold versioning-Advanced Package


Discover all the feature of TEMI+ about mold and mold version management

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In charge Edoardo Tettamanti
Latest update 08/09/2023
Completion time 14 minutes
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Administrator Machine operator Production manager English TEMI+ Mold and mold version Advanced Package
  • Mold and mold version management
    • Mold Management Introduction
    • Mold and mold version concept
    • Quiz mold and mold version concept
      10 pe
    • Mold creation
    • Quiz mold creation
      10 pe
    • Mold version for article
    • Quiz mold version for article
      10 pe
    • Mold version list
    • Quiz mold version list
      10 pe
    • Mold assignment
    • Quiz mold assignment
      10 pe
    • Multi article
    • Quiz multi article
      10 pe
    • Mold status
    • Quiz mold status control
      10 pe
  • Certification
    • TEMI + certification mold and mold version module

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